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Structural Infrared Inspections 

While thermal imaging is most often used in identifiying electrical and mechanical malfunctions, it is increasingly being used to identify structural issues related to energy efficiency (air seeping around windows and doors) and water leaks - particularly in flat roofs or other structures where the source of water leaks is hard to pin-point without further structural damage.

Samples of Infrared Thermograms
Related to Structural Issues


Flat Roof Infrared Image


By looking at the varying temperatures of the above flat roof, our inspectors can indicate exactly where water is collecting. Utilizing our thermal indicators, we can pinpoint the exact source and extent of a water leak.

Thermal Image of Residential Windows


In today's world, everyone is conscious of becoming energy efficient and reaping the cost saving benefits of energy efficent window installations result in tax credits.  As with every construction process, the product (in this case - windows) needs to qualify in terms of material and installation.  As you can see from the above thermogram, these newly installed windows are letting a lot of cold air seep through the edges.





Who Can Benefit

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